Staying Afloat: Elective Practice in the Socially-Distanced Age

Oh boy... It's been awhile since I started this blog. My initial purpose for writing as The Lonely Surgeon was to help docs who perhaps missed some classes in business and management along the way survive in the wilderness of medicine. Now that my MBA is complete and I have some time to devote to … Continue reading Staying Afloat: Elective Practice in the Socially-Distanced Age

Translating Your Contract

Ah, the mystery deepens! Your contract. What does it mean? Why does it have so many pages? What kind of human would actually write something as dry and foreign as that? Are they all the same? Which parts of them really matter, and which parts can I skip over when I pretend to read it? … Continue reading Translating Your Contract

Zeroing In On Your Target Market

Physicians are supposed to treat patients. Cardiologists take care of heart medications. Surgeons operate. Urologists do... what they do. This part is pretty straightforward. When you start that new practice, you expect to take care of patients. Easy, right? Umm... As it turns out, things are not always as simple as they seem. As I've … Continue reading Zeroing In On Your Target Market

Solving The Mystery of Getting Paid

In my last post, I tried to focus on finding your place in the world of doctoring. Some of that is clinical. Some of it is managerial. Some of it is public relations. In these next few articles, I'd like to explore some related topics that further define this theme. And since surgeons are not known … Continue reading Solving The Mystery of Getting Paid

Starting From Scratch

Starting over is never easy. Ever. Starting medical school was hard. Starting your residency was hard. Having to start over yet again as a new attending physician may seem like the most amazing moment of your life when you're an intern, but when you are actually faced with the reality of it at graduation, one … Continue reading Starting From Scratch