Dissecting Leadership: Situational Awareness

One of my mentors back from my engineering days and I were talking about The Blair Witch Project. You remember that movie-- It was the first-person selfie-cam horror movie shot in black-and-white back around 1999 that revolutionized cheap filmmaking. The basic premise was that three proto-millennials go off into a haunted forest to film a … Continue reading Dissecting Leadership: Situational Awareness

Dissecting Leadership: Clarity of Vision

We've all been there. Your team leader calls you in for a meeting. You all gather around, eagerly expecting to find out what news lies ahead. How is the team doing? Are you achieving your objectives? Are there obstacles ahead? What's the update? You and your teammates know that if things are going well, your … Continue reading Dissecting Leadership: Clarity of Vision

The Anatomy of Leadership

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, our entire society is trying to find its "new normal." Not an easy task... For the first time, in our lives, most of us have been asked to tip the very essence of our work structure on its ear. A month ago, you were told you had to come into … Continue reading The Anatomy of Leadership

Why Leadership Matters

Over the past several weeks, something very interesting has happened in the world of healthcare... We are experiencing a quite paradigm shift of epic proportions. It's subtle. Some people are talking about it, but it's not really a part of the official conversation. I am referring to the rapidly-evolving power structure in most of our … Continue reading Why Leadership Matters

Alone in the COVID Desert…

I have the utmost respect for our front-line providers. I'm talking about the healthcare providers and their support staff who are going out there every day in our EDs and ICUs taking care of patients with COVID-19. That's a very hard, very high-risk job. This post is not about you guys. You guys keep doing … Continue reading Alone in the COVID Desert…