Leadership Physiology: What Makes a Successful Leader?

During our last discussion, we talked about the anatomy of leadership. By "anatomy", I refer to what the structure looks like... How it fits together. What pieces join to form a need for leadership? As we all know, however, you can look good on paper, but when it comes to how the whole thing actually … Continue reading Leadership Physiology: What Makes a Successful Leader?

The Anatomy of Leadership

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, our entire society is trying to find its "new normal." Not an easy task... For the first time, in our lives, most of us have been asked to tip the very essence of our work structure on its ear. A month ago, you were told you had to come into … Continue reading The Anatomy of Leadership

Why Leadership Matters

Over the past several weeks, something very interesting has happened in the world of healthcare... We are experiencing a quite paradigm shift of epic proportions. It's subtle. Some people are talking about it, but it's not really a part of the official conversation. I am referring to the rapidly-evolving power structure in most of our … Continue reading Why Leadership Matters