Back In The Saddle: Leadership in the Post-Lockdown Era

Over the past several weeks, The Lonely Surgeon has taken a closer look at what makes a great leader. With the evacuation of most physical offices, we had a chance to see how teams functioned with the lack of face-to-face accountability. Behaving while you’re all locked up with your teammates in the office all day is one thing… But when you’re at home in your pajama pants? That’s a little different dynamic.

We started out by looking at why we as a group need leaders. It seems like a silly question, but does every group require a single named leader to be successful? I’m sure we’ve all seen examples that contradict this rule. Ultimately, why has our current culture selected this as the ideal model? And why do some people stand out as Leaders in each community, even when they have no reason to hold that title?

From there, we set up a “map” — just a little flowchart to give us a basic idea of where we’re going with this discussion. We also defined The Big Three: three fundamental qualities that a successful leader must possess. In case you need a refresher, they are:

  • Clarity of Vision
  • Situational Awareness
  • Empathy

We then spent a few posts looking at each one of these in kind. What exactly makes up vision? How does knowing your environment help you to adapt when things get slippery? And how can we better motivate our teammates using our understanding of human nature? Hopefully, each of these essays poked at your brain cells and sparked a few questions.

Going forward, many people are back in the office for at least part of their week. With any luck, things will stay that way! The imposed COVID Vacation certainly turned the world upside down. Now that things are slowly normalizing, how does your team look? Any worse for the wear? Any different than it did before? Do you have new covenants or culture shifts that have started to surface? The Lonely Surgeon would love to hear about them!

In summary, the hope here is that the Leadership Series has tickled your brain cortex just a little. If you haven’t taken a moment to look at the worksheets developed for each of these topics, we’ll make a convenient little list. Again, your comments and thoughts are always welcome! We’ll be back with more thoughts on different business-of-medicine topics soon.

Until then…




Photo Credit: Bhakti Iyata|Pixabay

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